Project Description


The basement level of this mutli-level home was constructed on a sloping block, with hard landscaping installed after construction. Recent rains had revealed a failure of the external waterproofing system which was causing leaks and damp into the garage and storage areas. The Newton System 500 was installed internally to selected walls to control the moisture and water ingress.

Project Description

This ‘walk-out’ basement experienced regular water ingress, with the penetration of free water occurring after just light rain, and substantial leaking with heavier rain. This leaking made the area virtually unusable as storage space for the tenant and had resulted in the destruction of personal belongings on many occasions. Whilst the majority of the leaks were along the wall/floor junction, there was clear evidence of moisture penetrations (efflorescence) throughout the walls.

After a previous attempt from the external side by excavation was unsuccessful, installation of an internally applied system was deemed the only viable repair method.

Design Solution

Our in-house technical team specified installation of a cavity drain membrane system for several reasons:

  • It provided the most reliable results
  • Less susceptible to physical damage after installation
  • Allows for the easy installation of racks and fixings increasing the use as a storage space
  • It would not ‘push’ the water sideways to unprotected areas
Repair of a leaking retaining wall using cavity drain System 500

Project Methodology

Newton System 500 was installed to the affected walls in the basement area, with the cavity membrane installed to full wall height. Newton Baseboard was selected as the perimeter drainage system for this Grade 2 (dry storage area) space, and allowed for fast installation as it’s sealed directly to the prepared floor surface without penetrating the slab.

The owner was provided with our 10 year NSBC Warranty and a Newton System 500 product warranty, providing guaranteed peace of mind! The project was completed in two days, and was ready for immediate use by the tenant.