Project Description

S A N C T U A R Y  C O V E , G O L D  C O A S T, Q L D

This luxury residence in South East QLD was leaking through the external basement walls whilst still in construction due to a compromise of the installed membrane. Newton System 500 was installed internally to provide a ‘complete’ waterproofing protection solution.

Project Description

This luxury waterfront property was experiencing substantial amounts of water ingress through the basement level walls. Subsequent tests found that even without rain, the in-house sumps were pumping out approximately 1500 litres of water per day.  Dryspace Solutions were contacted by the original waterproofing contractors that completed the external works to help provide a solution for the builder and owner, to provide a completed dry (Grade 3) habitable basement.

The basement area is intended to be used as a gym, wine cellar and games room, therefore the area needed to be 100% water and damp free to ensure the interior design finishes were not compromised now or in the future.

Design Solution

In consultation with the builder, Dryspace Solutions designed and installed a waterproofing system based on the recommendations in the British Standard BS8102.2009.

This required the installation of a Type C waterproofing membrane to the internal walls and floors of the basement area rooms, including detailing of the stairs. In this project, Newton System 500 with Newton Basedrain was specified in conjunction with the existing sump pump systems.

Project Methodology

The design solution for this project required the internal floor areas to be ‘built up’ using a high-density, water resistant foam insulation spacer board to allow the Newton Basedrain to be installed to the perimeters and through specified locations through the floor, diverting water to the existing sump drains, to then be pumped out to storm water.

Newton System 503 was installed to the walls and floors using the Newton Multiplugs and overtapes to create ‘complete protection’ to the below ground space.

These works were completed in 2018 – with the client reporting regularly that there are no signs of damp or water ingress into the basement area, providing a Grade 3 waterproofed basement – guaranteed!