Project Description

V A R S I T Y  L A K E S, Q L D

This four-level aged care facility had a partial basement which suffered extensive water ingress issues throughout, in particular the room which housed the UPS battery backup system. The building is a Medical Assisted aged care facility, therefore the system needed to remain fully operational throughout the works.

Project Description

The premium quality aged care facility spreads across four levels and accommodates over 100 tenants. The partial basement/ground level, houses all reception, and operational facilities. Whilst the building is quite new it had many water ingress issues affecting the structure, but in particular was the ingress into the room which houses the UPS system which keeps all critical medical equipment operational during power failures.

Water was leaking into the room through a failed waterproofing on the external subgrade wall, and in heavy rain periods could cause up to 20mm of ponding water on the floor where many of the high voltage power cable were located, introducing a serious electrocution and system failure risk.

Design Solution

The Newton Cavity Drain System 500 was specified as there was no access to the external walls to excavate and re-waterproof, and the client needed to have the most reliable long term solution available. Health and Safety protocols also required the UPS system to remain fully operational throughout the works, therefore rectification works could not introduce any additional risks to the equipment (i.e. dust or moisture), that would occur with the installation of an alternate liquid applied or render coating.

Newton 503 membrane was fixed to the walls, and Newton Baseboard to the wall/floor perimeters. Baseboard was specified as it’s installation did not require any dusty surface preparation works, and the room could be reinstated to full use quickly. The system did not have any wall linings installed over the top as the room is for specific use only and was not required – allowing for very easy visual inspection.

Repairing a Leaking Basement in a Luxury Waterfront Home

Project Methodology

The design solution for this project required the internal floor areas to be ‘built up’ using a high-density, water resistant foam insulation spacer board to allow the Newton Basedrain to be installed to the perimeters and through specified locations through the floor, diverting water to the existing sump drains, to then be pumped out to storm water.

Newton System 503 was installed to the walls and floors using the Newton Multiplugs and overtapes to create ‘complete protection’ to the below ground space.

These works were completed in 2018 – with the client reporting regularly that there are no signs of damp or water ingress into the basement area, providing a Grade 3 waterproofed basement – guaranteed!