Project Description

C R E M O R N E , S Y D N E Y , N S W

The owner of this old Australian heritage style cottage wanted to modernise the living style and practicality of the house, while retaining the cottage street appeal. The Newton System 500 Cavity Drain Membrane System was installed internally to all new internal areas of the extension to control all water and moisture ingress.

Project Description

The renovation and extension of this heritage cottage called for a new timber workshop to be cut-in under the existing home, and a new open-plan living area was extended off the back of the home. The existing home was cut into the gently sloping block, and the retaining walls required a moisture control system.
For the workshop area, excavation to allow for an externally applied membrane was not possible due to structural restrictions, and so an internally installed system was required. For the open-plan living area, the owner and architect wanted a future-proof system that would mitigate all moisture ingress risks, including that of rising damp up through the existing concrete slab.

The waterproofing system also had to be compatible with in-slab floor heating system.

Design Solution

In consultation with the architect, Dryspace Solutions designed a waterproofing system based on the recommendations in the BS8102:2009 British Standard. This required the installation of a Type C waterproofing membrane to the internal walls and floors of the extension with Base Drain channels flowing to an inground sump pit to be drained from the property..
Newton System 500 was the logical choice as it was compatible with all required elements, and would provide the most long-term reliable results.

Project Methodology

Dryspace Solutions undertook all Newton System 500 installation works, including full floor and wall waterproofing, and installation of Basedrain relief points ready for connection to existing stormwater drainage by the plumber.

Newton Jetting Eyes were also installed to ensure the system was ‘maintainable’. Dryspace Solutions fixed the Newton Cavity Drain Membranes with Newton Multiplugs to allow for installation of timber battens for plaster wall-sheeting.

The development of the workshop was key for the owner to undertake his wood-crafting hobby.

The area had to be moisture- and humidity-controlled to prevent damage to the timber. A full wall and floor installation of the Newton System 500 was the ideal choice for the water/damp-proofing, as it allowed for easy installation of the subsequent shelving systems to be installed with minimal risk of damage to the membrane system.