This beachfront home in South Australia was plagued with ongoing water ingress and mould to the lower level for over five years, with the owner engaging multiple professionals to solve the issue, with no success. The room was constructed with zero boundary to two adjoining properties which made for a challenging repair.

Project Description 

The structure is built with zero-boundary to two of the neighbours properties, meaning external excavation and repair was not a viable option – without partly demolishing the neighbours home as well. Water had entered continuously for several years causing complete soaking of the internal floors and walls, and extensive rusting of the metal framework.

The owner was at the point of considering demolition and rebuilding of the structure when he discovered Dryspace Solutions and our Cavity Drain System solution. After a short phone consultation, it was clear that a cavity drain system would provide the 100% dry, habitable space he was looking for.

After reviewing years of investigation reports, Dryspace were confident a repair was possible without excavation. Our Technical Manager Visited the site in Adelaide to conduct a more thorough site inspection and was able to provide a detailed repair specification with a genuine warranty – and without the need for external excavation.

Our Repair Solution

For health and safety, all internal linings to the walls and floors were removed to allow the Newton Cavity Drain System 500 to be installed. The owner engaged his own builder who completed all preparation works in line with our recommendations. This enabled a smooth handover to Dryspace Technicians to undertake the waterproofing remediation works immediately.

The room had a ceiling height over 3m which allowed the installation of a ‘built up’ floor design using and insulating foam spacer. This system allowed the floors to accommodate the perimeter drainage conduit without costly and time-consuming concrete-cutting and jackhammering for setting in the perimeter drainage channel. Works included the installation of Newton System 500 to the full height installation of the membrane over the ‘built-up’ floors.

The Newton Basedrain system was installed to the perimeters of the room with new drainage connections to divert any water out of the property and to the external storm-water connections.

Reinstatement works are currently underway with the Builder, which will ensure the owner has full use of this space again for the first time in over five years!


Project Completed December 2021

Download the Job Profile (pdf)