Repairing a Flooded Basement Room in a Split Level Home

During heavy rain, the lower level of this split level home flooded. The lower level was partially in ground, and continual water ingress and moisture had left the room unusable. Water would still ‘bubble’ up through the floors days after rain. Excavation was not possible, and previous attempts to repair internally by other contractors had failed.

Project Description 

This private resident was experiencing sever water ingress through the lower subgrade (in ground) walls of the home whenever heavy rainfall was experienced. It appeared that the original external waterproofing membrane had degraded with time allowing water to migrate through the blockwork walls. Excavation was not a viable option therefore a cavity drain system – Newton System 500 – was specified as the ideal solution for the rectification of this home.

Our Repair Solution

The Newton System 500 was installed to top of slab height in exposed areas, and approximately 1.0m above retained earth level in other areas as access permitted. Newton Basedrain was installed around the perimeters of the room and Newton Floordrain was installed as required to provide adequate